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h/AI is a superhuman manifestation by three actors, a 14-piece orchestra, A.I. and the audience. How big of an influence is A.I. on our play and music, and how does the audience notice this? Experience futuristic musical theater with actors, musicians and audiences who, together with A.I. move into the future.

Concept: theatergroep ECHO
Text: A.I., Jibbe Willems, Ninke Overbeek
Director: A.I., John van Oostrum
Installation: A.I., John van Oostrum
Actors/dancers: A.I. Anna Schoen, Chandana Sarma, Jeroen van Arkel, Monica Hofman
Music: A.I., Lam Lai
Orchestra: De Ereprijs o.l.v. Gregory Charette

Light and costume design: Noa Helder
Technics: Vincent Krouwer
Production: Caco Verhees
Campagne image: Studio Miek Uittenhout
PR: Janai Shiboleth

Two Lovers Looking For A Dream House

An impressive quest for space we as humans occupy on Earth. A quest in which titillating music, dance, language, fashion and the age-old Japanese theater form Nō/Noh come together.
In this play, two lover start the search for their ultimate dream house.

This search is hopeless, because whether you are lovers or not, everyone has a different vision of what a dream house is.

Concept: theatergroep ECHO
Text: Erik Bindervoet
Direction: Roeland Hofman
Perfomance: Lotte Dunselman, Ellen Goemans, Anna Schoen
Choreography/Dance: Afra Ernst
Music/Composition: Roosmarijn Tuenter
Coach/Composition: Janne Piksen
Dramaturgy: Ninke Overbeek
Scenography: Noa Helder
Costume: Sunanda Koning en Jessica Helbach
Production: Caco Verhees
Light design: Sanne Hensen
Sound: Koos Wolters
Light: Mascha van Vugt