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Two Lovers Looking For A Dream House

An impressive quest for space we as humans occupy on Earth. A quest in which titillating music, dance, language, fashion and the age-old Japanese theater form Nō/Noh come together.
In this play, two lover start the search for their ultimate dream house.

This search is hopeless, because whether you are lovers or not, everyone has a different vision of what a dream house is.

Concept: theatergroep ECHO
Text: Erik Bindervoet
Direction: Roeland Hofman
Perfomance: Lotte Dunselman, Ellen Goemans, Anna Schoen
Choreography/Dance: Afra Ernst
Music/Composition: Roosmarijn Tuenter
Coach/Composition: Janne Piksen
Dramaturgy: Ninke Overbeek
Scenography: Noa Helder
Costume: Sunanda Koning en Jessica Helbach
Production: Caco Verhees
Light design: Sanne Hensen
Sound: Koos Wolters
Light: Mascha van Vugt

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